サクラ / Cherry Blossom

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サクラ / Cherry Blossom


Cherry blossom is a beautiful, ephemeral, pure flower that blooms quickly and scatters quickly. The world is beautiful and life feels beautiful when we are in the brilliantly dancing cherry blossom petals.

【英名】Cherry Blossom, Sakura
【誕生】04/ 01, 04/ 21
【開花】03, 04, 05月
【花色】White, Pink, Red





















Cherry Blossom

Native cherry blossom

Cherry blossom is a deciduous tree of the Rosaceae family. It grows naturally in the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, including North America, Europe, Russia, China, and Japan. Many more cultivated species have been donated from Japan to countries around the world. “Cherry Blossom” is common in English. However, recently, due to the influence of Japanese culture, the scene of being called “Sakura” are increasing.

Scientific name of cherry blossom

Cherry blossom has two scientific names. In Europe and the United States, cherry blossoms are classified into about 400 species of the “Prunus” together with plums, peaches, and Umes. On the other hand, in Russia, China, and Japan, apart from the genus Prunus, only about 100 species of Plum are classified as “Cerasus”. This is because there are few types of cherry blossoms in Europe and the United States, and many in Asia.

Close relatives of cherry blossom

The genus Prunus is closely related to cherry blossoms, so although the flowers look similar, there is a way to distinguish them. The peduncle is short for peaches and plums, and long for cherry blossoms. “Cherry” with a long fruit stem also belongs to the genus Cerasus. In addition, there are two or three plums and one cherry blossom in one place for winter buds. Plums bloom in groups, and cherry blossoms bloom evenly.

Cherry blossom varieties

It was during the Heian period that cherry blossom began to be admired. Breeding improvement began with the native “Yamazakura”. In the Edo period, many strains were cultivated from “Oshimazakura”. The number of cultivated species has increased to 300. It changed to “Someiyoshino” by the civilization of the Meiji era. Furthermore, during the economic growth period of the Showa era, unification progressed in various places.

Cherry blossom’s life

The life of cherry blossom is 60 to 70 years in Someiyoshino tree. It is vulnerable to diseases, probably due to repeated vegetative propagation, and its vigor declines after 50 years of age. On the other hand, “Edohigan” is slow growing but strong. The “Shidarezakura” that inherited it has a long lifespan, and 1000-year-old giant trees continue to live in various places.

Cherry blossom branches

The flower branches of cherry blossoms are very attractive to people. A kind-hearted person can become a “flower thief” who confuses and breaks branches. However, Someiyoshino tree is vulnerable to illness, and when a wound is made, it begins to rot and eventually withers. It is difficult to prun the cherry blossoms, and if you fail, the flowering will worsen. It is exactly “a fool who cuts cherry blossoms, a fool who does not cut plums”.

Flowering of cherry blossoms

There are phylogenetic differences in the flowering of cherry blossoms. Edohigan is a line where flowers bloom before the leaves unfold around the spring equinoctial week. Someiyoshino and Shidarezakura also inherit this characteristic. It attracts flower-visiting insects before other types of cherry blossoms bloom, and efficiently pollinates and propagates. On the other hand, Oshimazakura is a line that blooms with the extended leaves.

Cherry blossom color

The red flower color of cherry blossoms is due to a pigment called anthocyanin. Low temperature is required for the synthesis of this dye. Therefore, in northern countries where the temperature is low, the flower color turns red, and in the warm winter when the temperature is high, it turns white. In addition, the pigment concentration changes over time. The crimson color that was dark in the buds becomes lighter with flowering and becomes darker again when it is scattered.

The beauty of cherry blossom

Cherry blossom is the beauty of a moment. The flowers are in full bloom in eighty percentage one week after they start to bloom, and finish blooming in one week after they start to disperse. The best time to see it is surprisingly short, it blooms quickly and scatters quickly, so it is a fragile and pure flower. The world is beautiful and life feels beautiful when we are in the brilliantly dancing cherry blossom petals.